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Nanny Background Checks & Employment Packet

Congratulations! You Found a Great Nanny.....

 What's Next? 

Is her criminal record clean? Driving Infractions? What about previous employers? Does she have legal working status? Should you have an attorney approved contract/work agreement? No Worries, a complete Employment Packet is included in every Nanny Screening we do.....Yes, it's included!

Criminal Background...

Is imperative before your child is left unsupervised with a caregiver! Just because a "friend" referred her or a couple of moms on social media said she did a good job doesn't mean that information is enough to leave your child alone with her. We also provide work agreements/Contracts to get you started so there is no miscommunication.

Your Young Child...


Can't always tell you when something is wrong. Do your homework before you hire a Nanny or a Babysitter to assure the best fit for your family & the safety of your precious little ones!

Nanny Background Checks give you a better idea of who you are really hiring.

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